Case study: Microsoft D365 Implementation for Superbet

A major European player in online games, Superbet, with their head office in Eastern Europe,expanded their activities to countries in Western Europe and the United States. With this expansion underway, they started to look for a Microsoft Partner that could support them to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 in countries like Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, and Curacao. Quantum […]

4 Tips to Say What You Do, & Do What You Say

2. Outline the desired outcome clearly:  Unclear goals lead to an unclear plan of action. It is thus important to outline the desired outcome and communicate that outcome with your team. This paves the way for a strong plan of action, which subsequently leads to those actions being successfully carried out. Also, make sure to […]

Why Project Transparency is Crucial for a Project’s Success

The Benefits of Ensuring Project Transparency   Apart from creating clarity amongst team members, transparency creates the following advantages:  The Value of Project Transparency   Incorporating transparency in your team builds a collaborative environment characterized by accountability, clarity, and trust. It significantly impacts your project execution and ensures that your project is executed without any hiccups and […]

CASE STUDY: Microsoft D365 Implementation for CarNext

The Advanced Sure Step Methodology by Quantum Omega ensures that the new system reaches a production readiness of 70% in phase 1, 85% in phase 2, and 95% in phase 3, thereby greatly reducing the chances of any delay in the Go-Live of the project.   The result  In a nutshell: our Local expertise coupled with […]

An Insight into the Cost Accounting Module

In Dynamics D365 F&O/SCM, you might have seen two modules with names that might be confusing at first until you dive deeper into what these modules are about.  The most common mistake business users make is that they often associate cost accounting with defining the rules that apply to direct or indirect costs which are part of […]

The Future of ERP systems

The most asked question in the ERP world today is, what does the future hold for ERP Systems? Gartner already mentioned it in a blog: ERP is out EBC is in.  EBC enhances the capabilities of ERP’s third era into a more efficient format that meets the needs of both clients, and modern business operations.  To better […]

Why Quick Responses to Client Mails & Calls are Important!

We all, at some point, have been in situations where we wanted to get a quick response but have had to wait for hours, or days to get a response from a customer service representative of a company. The frustration with receiving late responses communicates disinterest and potential clients often end up selecting another company […]