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ASAP, preferably from day 1. Integration to third party software can be tricky and requires the 3rd party software to have UAT capabilities as well (licensing, etc). And we need to understand the integration requirements. Due to our workshop method (see part II) we get answers to these questions fast. We then perform the integration immediately and E2E testing right thereafter.

We applaude these and depending on the size of each country entity we would handle at least two countries at the same time. Reason: we want to build a global blue-print to use for further roll-outs and that requires to see where the common grounds and differences are. Also, doing them at the same time enables the customer to work with Intercompany transactions in real live from the get go.

That depends on the experience of the PEOPLE of the vendor or service provider the customer has chosen. We establish a small global core team with local teams per country that excel in internal knowledge transfer. Our project method suports all of these. That’s why we call our method “the advanced hybrid implementation method”.

No, it is even less demanding. As the effort needed on the customer side is evenly spread throughout the implementation period, there are no sudden peaks. This does not only give a peace of mind to all involved, it also reduces risks and unexpected gaps. As a result we actually save on average between 30 to 50% on the total implementation costs.

Our consultants are “handpicked” to have at least 100% of the “hard” skills and experience required for their role. No exception. Having good communication skills is also very important. But we don’t hire people based on their soft skills alone. This cut’s time dramatically as they are able to make configuration changes during a workshop and thus immediately review the effect with the users.

We are currently reviewing with our partners the best way to spread our knowledge, experience and findings.

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