4 Tips to Say What You Do, & Do What You Say

A core part of our company culture is that we make sure to do exactly what we say we are going to do. Now, this isn’t particularly easy, especially during ERP implementations, however, following a set of strategies can enable us to follow through with this principle. These strategies are as follows:   

  1. Identify the causes that hold you back from bringing your own actions into alignment with your words: 

The first step to tackle is to identify and bring to light the reasons as to why you often fail to do what you said you would do. Is it because you struggle to say “No” to things that are hard for you to go through with? Do you impose unrealistic deadlines on yourself? Do you have a particular habit that is driving this behavior? Do you struggle with time management?  

The reasons can be many. Understanding the core issue is the first step to tackling it. For example, the solution for time management would be to use a planner and structure your tasks in the order of priority, in that planner, for each day. Every issue has a solution, therefore pinpointing the cause is crucial. 

2. Outline the desired outcome clearly: 

Unclear goals lead to an unclear plan of action. It is thus important to outline the desired outcome and communicate that outcome with your team. This paves the way for a strong plan of action, which subsequently leads to those actions being successfully carried out. Also, make sure to highlight the obstacles that may arise, so you can account for those and be prepared accordingly. Communicating the result of each action to your team is also vital for them to understand the importance of following through with the POA.   

3. Exercise Self Discipline: 

Our habits to a substantial extent make up our lifestyle. For example, individuals who procrastinate are often late for meetings/events because they always keep everything for the last moment. A lack of self-discipline is generally the cause. Make it a point each day to build on the “Do What You Say You Would Do” principle by creating an organized routine, exercising self-discipline through exercising & meditation, and being mindful and intentional behind every task. This article is also immensely helpful in understanding how we can incorporate self-discipline into our personalities.  

 4. Build Resilience within oneself: 

Just like self-discipline, resilience is a trait that enables individuals to stick to their goals no matter what obstacle befalls them. It is the attitude of withstanding tricky situations and moving past them confidently. This is also what primarily helps a person foster the “Do What You Said You Were Going to Do” Attitude because nothing deters an individual from achieving their target. This is especially true for ERP implementation projects, where sudden hiccups often arise. You can build resilience by attending resilience-building workshops. 

Obviously, things happen and sometimes you will not be able to meet  the promise of doing something. In case that happens, make sure to communicate with  whomever you made that promise, that unfortunately there’s a delay in your current activities and you will do your best to finish the task you promised to them by X Day. 

What you should NOT do, is just let the day go by when you can comply with your own words. In other words: if you want the other party to take you seriously you must start by taking your own words and promises seriously. As with every situation, effective communication skills and work ethics go hand in hand.  

Gradually implementing these tips can help individuals build on the principle of “Saying what You Do & Doing What You Say.” Although most importantly, it can help one to take accountability for their own actions! 

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