Why Quick Responses to Client Mails & Calls are Important!

We all, at some point, have been in situations where we wanted to get a quick response but have had to wait for hours, or days to get a response from a customer service representative of a company. The frustration with receiving late responses communicates disinterest and potential clients often end up selecting another company with better customer service.

In fact, a study by the CMO Council found that a crucial aspect of a good customer experience, according to the customers themselves, is quick response time. Furthermore, a survey from Hiver found that 70% of consumers will advise their friends against buying a product or service after a negative service experience. It is also worthwhile to know that 50% of consumers determine a good consumer experience based on how quickly their issues/queries were attended to and resolved.


A Win-Win situation 

The above statistics obviously give us insight into the importance of quick responses. Let us now shift our focus to understanding the overall benefits of timely responses to customers. The advantages of prompt responses are two-fold, affecting both the customers and the company itself.  

For the Company, the benefits are as follows: 

  • You communicate a customer-centric culture to your clients when you respond promptly. It signifies that your top priority is your client, and this paves the way for customer loyalty toward your brand. 
  • It removes the delay that arises from communication gaps and accelerates your project process, enabling companies to deliver their products/services on time. 
  • Timely responses significantly contribute to the growth of your business. A recent study of more than 500,000 interactions revealed that customers are willing to spend more with a business that responds quickly to their inquiries. In a nutshell, a fast response generates higher revenue
  • Facilitates quick problem resolution, which contributes to building customer trust.  
  • Enhances the brand’s reputation as satisfied clients often tend to recommend companies with excellent customer service to their network.  

For the customer, the benefits are: 

  • They can save valuable time due to the company’s quick resolution of issues and inquiries. 
  • They get excellent value for their money due to their positive experience associated with the brand.  
  • They can trust the company, knowing that their satisfaction is the company’s top priority. 


Responding to your client promptly is crucial for the success and overall growth of your company. Investing your time, effort, and resources in training your employees to respond quickly may have a significantly positive impact on your business. Therefore, at Quantum Omega, one of the most vital components of our company culture is Responding to our client calls and emails promptly.  

At Quantum Omega, specialists are trained to respond within an hour or so. This means we quickly resolve customer issues as and when they arise, and answer client queries promptly. This does not just save our clients time but also enhances our project efficiency! To read more about what our Quantum Culture entails, click here!