CASE STUDY: Microsoft D365 Implementation for PharmaLex

How Quantum Omega’s Data Migration Expertise & Advanced Hybrid Implementation Method led to the Successful Implementation of Dynamics 365 for PharmaLex

Project Overview 

A leading pioneer in the Pharmaceutical, Biotech & Medical device industry ran an implementation project for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for their companies globally, starting with Germany and Spain. However, the original go-live of their first country roll-out was in danger because of a serious delay in the data-migration process. In Q4 of 2022, the company asked Quantum Omega to take over the Data-Migration Stream for their first country roll out, planned to go-live in a few months, and the project implementation for the Spanish Country Roll-Out.  

Data Migration and BI-Reporting Challenges 

When Quantum Omega entered the project; it was already at 75% of the implementation process though the Data-Migration and BI-reporting stream were at most at 5%. This was a concern considering we only had a few months remaining before Go-Live. So, how did we manage to overcome these challenges and achieve our common goals? 

Project Implementation Method 

Although the Microsoft Dynamics D365 F&O Implementation for the Spanish Roll-Out was challenged by various and frequent obstacles due to external causes, just as with the German Implementation we had overcome these challenges due to: 

Our Approach and Expertise 

  • Data Migration: One of our greatest strengths lies in our extensive data-migration expertise and knowledge. We have a team of industry experts with whom we have created an efficient data migration template, program code and procedures. This enables us to conduct the data-migration for our clients efficiently and at a quality level that is unique in our industry. 
  • BI-Reporting: As our customer decided to use Microsoft Dynamics Embedded Power-BI they needed experts for both technologies, which are hard to come by. As we always strive to continuously extend our consultants’ Indepth experience and knowledge base we could easily help our customer to scale-up to reach their reporting goals. 
  • The Advanced Hybrid Implementation Method ©: Our project method is conceptualized in a way that enables us to combine many steps in one workshop, from day one until Go-live. This project method (an integration of Microsoft Surestep, Fasttrack, Agile and Waterfall) is divided into 5 phases, just like Surestep, but with a minor, powerful difference.  Still compliant to Microsoft Fast-Track, our method has an edge over many other methods and as a result cuts implementation time often in half.  Get more insight on our project method here.


The Advanced Hybrid Implementation method ensures that the new system reaches a production readiness of 70% in phase 1, 85% in phase 2 and 95% in phase 3, thereby greatly reducing the chances of any delay in the Go-Live of the project.  

The result 

In a nutshell: our Data Migration expertise coupled with our Advanced Hybrid Implementation method © enabled us to successfully tackle the data migration and project implementation challenges and allowed us to deploy Dynamics 365 for our customer within the planned timeframe and set Goals.