Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM: An Efficient ERP System for your BoM

We, at Quantum Omega, know that the BoM is only a component of a larger whole called the production module.

We also know that a BoM is intricately connected with so many facets of supply chain and production Management, which is why our solution to an efficient BoM lies in configuring Dynamics 365 SCM for our clients.

The Production module of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management enables advanced managing of assets and maintenance jobs. It seamlessly connects with other Dynamics 365 business applications modules such as: Field Service, Inventory Management, Cost Accounting and Project Accounting, so you can optimize planning, production, inventory, warehouse, and transportation to maximize operational efficiency and asset productivity, all of which is crucial for maintaining an accurate, up to date BoM. 

Dynamics 365 SCM: Seamlessly Integrates your Manufacturing, Production, Supply chain and Logistic processes in one platform to bring you the following benefits:  

(a) Brings structure and discipline to product data management:  

  • Centrally manages product information across global sites and subsidiaries 
  • Simplifies configure-to-order processes by providing a platform for engineers to effectively collaborate with planners in the manufacturing process. 
  • Ensures efficient production lines by effectively managing product revisions. 

(b) Makes your company agile in fulfilling customer demand: 

  • Eliminates stockouts with production and distribution planning in near-real time. 
  • Automatically prioritizes replenishment of high-demand items based on order priorities, forecasts, and stock levels. 
  • Automates and optimizes production scheduling and resource allocation while minimizing overtime and improving equipment utilization. 

(c) Optimizes inventory and logistics: 

  • Automates warehouse operations such as material handling, workforce planning, and inventory flow with integrated warehouse management.  
  • Accurately estimates landed costs and improves supply planning by enhancing the visibility of goods in transit. 
  • Provides inventory visibility in real time so users get insight into which raw materials, components and sub-assemblies are missing or are in excess in their firm’s factories, reducing overstocking and stockouts.  
  • Simplifies procurement process through collaborating with vendors, managing contracts, building redundancy for critical supplies, and negotiating the best price for direct and indirect supplies based on performance, spend, lead times and quality. 

(d) Helps Innovate with intelligent manufacturing operations: 

  • Proactively manages the shop floor using a real time view of the company’s production and stock. 
  • Builds agile manufacturing processes with make-to-stock, make-to-order, configure-to-order, and engineer-to-order strategies. 
  • Implements sustainable and adaptable manufacturing processes that use AI, internet of things, and mixed reality. 

(e) Maximizes asset uptime and longevity: 

  • Proactively manages business-critical equipment by performing all types of maintenance. 
  • Improves overall equipment effectiveness by using enhanced resource scheduling, IoT and mixed reality.  

So, in a nutshell, Dynamics 365 SCM helps streamline and optimize the firm’s supply chain and manufacturing processes with real-time insights, while improving visibility into asset management operations. It includes a BoM which is well integrated with the organization’s manufacturing and supply chain processes. The result is accurate, error-free, and easy to manage BoM  

Interested in maintaining your company’s BoM in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management? Contact our specialist for a free consultation on how our ERP solutions can make your BoM woes easier!