We are One World, We are One People

And now is the time for us to come together to help the people in need: The people of Ukraine.

Reading news related to the current Ukraine war is difficult to say the least.  From watching images of fathers and husbands saying goodbye to their loved ones as they leave to defend their country, to seeing children cower in fear as they flee for their lives from land, they once called their home. It is easy to realize one thing, war is never the answer. As we, the Quantum Omega team sit here from the comfort of our homes, we can’t help but think that we should do more for the people suffering in this cruel war. After all, we owe it to humanity. Even a little bit of aid would go a long way in helping people that are truly in need. With that in mind,

We’ve listed some of the ways to help the people of Ukraine: 

  • Writing their stories on social media platforms: The people of Ukraine are currently navigating through one of the most challenging times of their life. Each one of them is an unsung hero for staying defiant in the face of war. Writing their stories will help us to raise awareness on their plight. This will encourage corporations, countries, and higher authorities to provide the Ukrainian people with the necessary aid. We need to keep their stories alive before it runs out of momentum!
  • Take the time out to find local charities that are currently helping Ukrainian Refugees and send your donations to them: A lot of charities are currently sending out supplies to the Ukrainian refugees. However, we need to verify the ones that are actually sending out donations in the right places. Take the time out to find a legitimate charity organization in your locality and send them your donations! 
  •  Share vital information related to legal aid and verified charities: We’re hearing that a lot of individuals are offering their own homes as refuge for the Ukrainian people. Unfortunately, this information might not reach all the Ukrainians. The same goes for information related to pro bono legal aid for Ukrainian refugees in various countries. We need to make this information easily accessible to the people of Ukraine and to make that possible, we need to post about it on all of our social media.