Survival of the fittest or so they say! Part 1

Quantum Culture – what is it and why is it effective! Many businesses across the world and in various industries are met with an urgent realization of the need to automate and centralize business processes, as a means of offering effective services. “Go Big or Go Home or so the saying goes.”

Read on to find out why Quantum Culture is successful at what they do!

In this Paragraph, With ERP software implementation needs booming by day, it is probable for ERP consultants to get lost in the hustle and bustle of this fast-growing industry. The Quantum way of doing things has proven to be effective in delivering timely, in scope, and in budget projects. How is this possible? We may have experienced first or second-hand hurdles of ERP software implementation processes. So how do we at Quantum Team get it right? 


    1. Fast Email Response: We will not keep you waiting and guessing – Your emails are a priority to us! Bearing in mind that email is the most preferred mode of communication, this is something taken very seriously within the Quantum Organization, from the CEO to the rest of the company. Our efficiency resonates through our quick response. 
    1. We deliver Solutions Faster: Time is a Deal Maker or Breaker! Our Quantum team understands that slow response and decision-making are the enemies of any ERP software implementation project. We do away with any delays and protocols that delay execution and progress. Your timely Go Live is our priority. 

    Because at Quantum we understand the need for speedy yet accurate decision making, we have solutions a four-step formula to this: 

    (I) First, we identify what is significant:   

    Pinpoint the actual source of a problem. You could call this the “funneling” step, to get to the real cause of the problem, without turning it into a lengthy workshop with lots of sticky notes.  

    (II) Second, we identify what we do not know and need to know:   

    An introspection of our teams’ blind spots takes place and missing pieces are identified. With team effort and collaboration, the puzzle is solved swiftly. 

    (III) Third, gather our facts:  

    Now we know what data is crucial, if needed we co-operate with our team members or customers to track it down. We get all the facts together to see the complete picture. We know this is an important part of the puzzle because it requires us to assimilate potentially large data sets, look for patterns and identify pitfalls.  

    (IV) Finally, We Prioritize:

    Using an urgent quadrant, we can sort out important tasks. However, this could be customer satisfaction, quality, speed, brand reputation, or anything else that is at the top of the tree when it comes to, in conjunction with the relevant data, defining the best solution. 

    Read Survival of the Fittest Part 2 to find out why Quantum Culture is successful at what they do!  Keep coming back for more.