Practical Ways to Improve ERP Project Performance

Optimizing ERP Implementation Success Rate – Attainable or Farfetched! 

Considering, previous implementation methods seemed tedious and elongated, optimizing ERP Implementation could sound farfetched or simply too difficult to implement. 

So, how does an organization maximize the chances that their ERP project delivers the expected value on time and within budget?  

survey by McKinsey indicates that the key to success in ERP projects lies in mastering a methodology that they call “value assurance”. At Quantum Omega, we call it: “The Quantum Culture”.  This implies aligning strategy, stakeholders, and foremost the “people on the floor”, with the project scope, budget, and schedule.  This is an easier said than done formula. However, with the right skill set, all is achievable. The value-assurance approach has a solid track record. One large public sector organization, for example, replaced about 50 legacy IT systems with a standard system for enterprise resource planning over the course of three years-within budget and on schedule.

It’s a Special Recipe for ERP Success!!!

In this paragraph, we are going to discuss a special recipe for ERP success. ERP success rate optimization requires the special art of using technology. And, people’s ingenuity to improve project content by securing team members with deep specific know-how. In addition, the drawback here is finding the right number of knowledgeable people with the right attitude.



Furthermore, building effective, efficient teams by aligning their experience. And also, knowledge of the overall goals of projects is crucial. The keyword here is not only finding the “right” team members as well as, matching them to facilitate effortless cooperation and efficient interaction.  

Above all, it also boils down to excelling at core practices and attitudes. In other words, short communication – and delivery cycles with rigorous quality checks.  

Nonetheless, the importance of speed of interaction (for example prompt response to emails etc..,). And, gaining the right momentum in delivering solutions to problems, are often undervalued or misjudged. 

What has been your experience in optimizing ERP Implementations?  Do you have the best practices to share?

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